Creativity is our craft!

Based out of Tucson, I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer for a software company. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting and writing crochet patterns. Along with that passion, I also adore my animals (reptiles and furry babies). I love music and gaming (MMORPG player since 1998).

I've been passionate about crafts and art for many years. I started crocheting at the early age of 9, with my best friend. I remember when we were so incredibly proud when we made our first chain out of yarn. Even in school, I'd bring along yarn and crochet in class. I became so in love with it, that I taught myself new techniques. I began just "winging it" for a while, making whatever the yarn turned into - then I discovered patterns.

I'll find just about any excuse to sit down and create something. I love the feeling of finishing a project, taking pride in my work and making someone's day with the gift of a handmade item.

I enjoy writing patterns, creating graphs for patterns, as well as creating customizable items for friends, family and customers.

I'm very open to suggestions. If you'd like to see a particular item in my shop, let me know!
If you see a pattern you like in my shop, but would prefer to purchase a completed item, please let me know!

♥ Happy Crafting! ♥

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